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Anyone know a good beach/place for dogs to go swimming?? I know the season doesn't open till Memorial Day, but I still would like to hear from someone who's been there, before I go rolling up to the beach with my pup.

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Hey Ian -

Many of the beaches let you bring your dog on the beach - but not from May to November. So get going.

You can however take you dog to Worlds End (South Shore) which is beautiful but more of a park/peninsula on the ocean.

Also, check out Cranes Beach (North Shore), for some reason I think they may let you as well.

Please do report back on what you find. I am curious too.

Doggie Beach Trip?? I am down.
Yooo Joe!
I already went on Saturday! The Castle Hill Beach(?) in Southie. It was packed! Sux that most beaches will be closed to dogs soon. World's End sounds cool!
Sweet thanks. We may check this out. Woof!
cranes will not let you the dog off leash. the best dog beach is good harbor in gloucester. its smallish, but after 5 dogs are allowed, and they are allowed off leash. it is a dog bonanza!
Ponkapoak Pond in the Blue Hills Reservation is one of my favs and only about 25 minutes away. Take 93 to exit 3--at the end of the ramp make a LEFT. This turn is very important as all signage will direct you to Houghton's Pond to the right which you do NOT want unless you are looking for cheezy crowds bussed from Boston and want to keep your dog on the leash. If you take the left, the road dead ends at the beginning of an AMC trail. You can park on the side of the road here and you have to hike in a mile or two. There is only one choice from the road at first, then take the first or second left. This will bring you to some camping spots and eventually some AMC "cabins" and a small boat/canoe pier and swimming area. I have almost never seen people here off season and only a couple of times during peak. The only rule seems to be no fishing off the little dock and there are many place with good access to the water along the route. Ponkapoag is about 3-4 times larger than Houghton and very clean. Like Walden, it is relatively shallow even pretty far from shore, so it is rather warm.


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