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First, thanks so much for joining this group and being a part of the solution. Second, let's get to work!

The first thing I think we need to discuss is the design of the framework, one we feel comfortable with it, I create a new discussion on coordinating a community meeting to present this framework to the community at large for their buy in and participation. 

Here is what I've got so far (Updated 10/29 at 2:44pm):

  • What are the problems and symptoms we are facing?
  • What are the opportunities and impacts that could be made?
  • What are our values and what do we want to achieve and for whom?
  • What data is available to us that shows what is currently going on?
  • Who or what organizations are currently addressing these problems or opportunities?
  • What strategies and tactics have been effective at addressing these problems or opportunities?

  • What are are we going to do?
  • What resources do we need to support our action?
  • Who is going to support/managing the action we are going to take?
  • When are we going to take this action?
  • How are we going to record action we took?
  • What Key Performance Indicators are we going to track?
  • How are we going to acknowledge and reward action and results?

  • Do it.
  • Record it.
  • Report it.
  • Thank.

  • What did we actually get done?
  • What did we get done vs. what we planned we do?
  • How did the getting it done go?
  • What was the feedback?
  • What can we learn?
  • What do we recommend we do differently next time?

Kindly reply with your feedback to the following questions:
  1. If you've done something like this before, is there another existing proven framework we should evaluate? If so which one(s)?
  2. Are we missing anything or should would you remove something? If so which and why?
  3. Any other questions you think I should be asking or something I should know?

Thank in advance for your help!


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For Discussion:

I think we need to determine what our values are to help guide the rest of the conversation.

I haven't gotten involved with a group like this before, so I can't truly evaluate the outline presented above. I have a few thoughts that I'd like to share with the group:
1. The increase in crime in our neighborhood has lead to lots of fear-mongering both in the media and within our community. Lack of correct information and feelings of powerlessness tend to exacerbate this sort of thing. We might want to think about combating these things by expanding on the good work that NFN already does in providing accurate information about crimes that occur in the neighborhood. We also might want to think about how to help people feel less powerless in the face of crime. Self defense or common-sense prevention classes for adults and teens might help.
2. It might be a good idea for us to pick a time in the next few weeks to get together and discuss the above agenda and how each of us can use the skills we have to make it work.
Forgot to add: What does everyone else think about the above.
Hello neighbors! I have several thoughts on the model here proposed but I will try to keep this as short as possible - nobody wants to read too much.

1. I agree with Francesca! My first reaction to the call for action was that I feared we would end up with a group of people filled with fear without any real analysis of the data or critical look at the ways in which policing happens in our community.

2. Solutions do not only happen through the police but the police needs to also be held accountable for slow responses and unequal and inappropriate responses to crime. That said as citizens we also need to do something - hence my note.

3. Critical to this framework is the development of an ideological framework. What I mean is we should answer some basic questions before actions take place. For instance: how do we perceive crime in our community? How is crime conceptualized and linked (or not) to other social issues? What are the solutions to present crime? Is crime increasing or it really better reporting? Etc (these are just example questions). The reason is that these ideological or theoretical ideas will frame the rest of the conversations in terms of solutions and actions. If as a collective people agree on what the ideas are behind the actions taken and these ideas are clearly articulated then individuals are more likely to be committed. This process does not need to take long. It can happen in a few hours over beverages and food (I love food and beverages) in two sessions. Clarity in direction is always a good starting point. Of course the ideas can change with time but the core thoughts about what is happening around us should be a shared vision or at least a vision that is arrived to in a process of consensus.

4. If discussions are to take place all members of our community should be represented, or at least we should reach out to everyone. Our Spanish speaking community is a large and vibrant part of Jamaica Plain and they must be included in the conversation. I am glad to do some of this work with help since I am fluent in Spanish. Other language groups should also be reached out to.

For now that is all I've got.

Peace out,

Anna Sandoval
Anna and Neighbors,

Thanks for all your thoughts.

Please see my most recent discussion in this group that incorporates your feedback. Let's continue the conversation there.

I'm closing this discussion to avoid confusion.


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