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Getting Help for Suicidal Thoughts and Depression

Most of us have probably known someone, or have experienced ourselves, the struggle of being depressed and/or having suicidal thoughts. No one should have to go through such tough times alone. There are resources available close to home that can help. Attached are some facts and resources, just in case you might need them. Feel free to post in your home and workplace.

Please take care of yourself and others.

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Hi Lucas,

Thanks for sharing so candidly about your experience. I lost my best friend to suicide in 2005. Having open conversations about suicide and depression will help educate and empower people to take care of themselves and each other.

I really appreicate your comments, Lucas and Joe. Contrary to popular belief, getting help for depression or suicidal thoughts, either for yourself or someone else, is a sign of strength. It truly takes a community not only to prevent suicide, but also to promote mental health and envision a world without suicide.
Alison - thank you for speaking about what is a part of being a human being! It is so hard to ask for support when one is down and when we put it out there that it is ok to do so, it is what will bring you back into the light, then we are helping ALL of us! Support is there for the asking! I'd love to put a website out there for folks to check out: This will take you to a site created by Gary Craig on a terrific stress-reducing technique that will save your life! Love and so much joy to all!! Juliet
Juliet, you're right that there are many different types of support out there, and often finding them is a challenge! Thank you for sharing this alternative, holistic resource.

Suicide is a complex issue, but connection to supportive community and strong relationships are so important to promoting mental health. Anything we can do to foster resilient communities of hope, where people are accepted, respected and celebrated for who they are, and help seeking is encouraged, is huge. Take care!
Thanks for posting this. A useful resource to have in mind for young people is samarateens. My daughter volunteered on their hot line while in high school, and it appeared to be a useful and well-run emergency support
This might be helpful to some...

The Samaritans of Boston crisis hot line: (617) 247-0220


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