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I'm looking for someone in JP who can help me install a new butcherblock countertop I'm buying from Ikea.  It's not a tough job, but I could use some help from someone who's worked on kitchens before.  I'm looking for them to help take out the old counter, install the new counter, and a new kitchen faucet.  Any recommendations? 

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Hi Mark,


I know a good and affordable contractor that can help.  Try Greg at 617-921-2278.


Good luck!

Thanks for the recommendation.  I'll give Greg a call. 


Hey Mark, my name is Mike and I have a small carpentry and odd job business in Jamaica Plain. The work you described sounds like something I'd be interested in. I'd like to meet with you and talk more about it if you'd like. Give me a call at (617) 407-4870. Thanks,



Flanagan's Precision Woodworking


you could also try this nice handy woman,
who works in the JP area and is a licensed plumber:

DonnaThat Handy Girl617-733-4078


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