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Looking for a room/roommates in the JP area starting 9/1 (could move in slightly earlier if necessary). 

Willing to pay anywhere from $575 to $700 in rent, plus my share of utilities, of course.

Prefer a place close to an Orange Line stop, with laundry (free or coin-op) in the building.

About me:

-29 year old female graduate student just finishing my dissertation. I lecture and spend a lot of time writing and researching.

I'm friendly but independent--I like to hang out, but don't NEED to. I enjoy cooking, watching cool movies, reading, and generally socializing. While I like beer as much as the next guy, I'm not into big raging parties or the things that come along with them.

Most importantly, I'm very clean, responsible, polite, and quiet.

-ALSO important: I share custody of my 4 year old English Bulldog with my ex. The shared custody means that I have him half of the time (usually 2 weeks at a time). He is the most lovable animal ever, stays in my bedroom when I'm not home, and hasn't had an accident since he was a puppy. He never, EVER barks, and mostly just spends his days snoozing. I am fully responsible for his care/walks/exercise etc. and regularly hire a dogwalker to care for him when I'm at work. SO, this means I would need a place that is pet-friendly (although he is virtually non-existent to my roommates).

Looking for:

-1 or 2 reasonable, mature, CLEAN, and responsible roommates in the JP area

-Gender: Unimportant

-Age: Prefer to live with people around my own age-- mid 20's to 40's

Please contact me if you have a place or want to meet and perhaps look for a place together!

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Hey Andrea,

Are you still looking for roommates? I'm also looking for housing in JP for Sept. 1st, hopefully at or under $600, near transit, and with laundry.  I'm 23, doing the urban professional thing, and applying to grad schools soon.  I'm laidback, easy to get along with, and social but also clean and responsible.  I don't smoke and I pay bills on time.  I also don't have pet allergies and I like chill dogs and cats.  


I also have a friend who's looking for JP apartments with me, she's in her mid-twenties and works at a publishing company, and she's equally chill, responsible, and pet-friendly.  So if you haven't found any roommates yet, maybe we could meet up and check out 3-bedroom places? Let me know!




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