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I should check community calendars BEFORE picking my move day next time... 


I'm moving from Allston down to Forest Hills on the 7th.  What, if any, traffic disruptions / bus route changes, etc should I expect because of the festival?


I want to be able to give my movers a heads up, and need to potentially rethink my own transport based on what you tell me!

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Avoid Lamartine and Amory from 9 to 7.  Otherwise Centre and Washington are a bit more congested but not a major concern.
Centre closes for brief period from 10:30 to 11:30 for parade too - maybe just one lane. Not really sure.

In prior years the parade has taken up the whole road.  The first block or two on South St is where they've staged in prior years, so I wouldn't count on being able to get further north than Harvest Co-op.  I wonder what they'll do now that Curtis Hall is under construction and full of trailers, etc.


I wouldn't worry about it- and if you can, try to catch the festival when it gets to Stony Brook and meet some of your new neighbors!

Welcome to the hood. Stick to Jamaica Way and get to Forest Hills by exiting at the Casey overpass. after the Arboretum main entrance.
It's possible rain will postpone the celebration to Sunday. After 4 p.m. today call organizers at 617-524-6373 or check
Thanks, everyone!  Traffic snarls mostly avoided.


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