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Hello neighbors,

My small condo association (3 units) is looking for someone to do snow removal for us this coming winter.  We have a small sidewalk area in front of the house and a walkway to the side of the house. 

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks so much!

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Hi Christina: Jeff Ferris (of Ferris Wheels Bike Shop) does snow shoveling around the Monument on South Street. If that's where you are, you can call the bike shop at 617-524-2453 or stop by 66 South Street to talk to him about rates. His small crew shovels snow for residents as well as quite a few area businesses, and I'm sure he could give you references. Hope this helps!
Thanks so much for your helpful reply!
We also like our guy, George Kordan:

(Don't let the website title fool you. He does snow removal in the winter.)
We use EDD Landscaping.  They charge us $100/visit and send 2 guys with snow blowers (which is good given how steep our driveway is).  Our house is at 56 Wenham (also 3 unit condo) if you want to get a sense of how much $100 buys you.  If you'd like to contact them drop me a line and I'll make an email introduction.
Matt, thanks for the recommendation. I'd like to get in touch with them, but don't see a listing online.

Hi Matt,

I'd love to get in touch with EDD also.  Would you mind forward contact info?



do you still use EDD Landscaping? can you forward their info to me? thank you so much in advance!


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