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The really big tree near the doggie igloo just fell down in Beecher Park.

Ummmm, we're gonna need a new canopy. 

You can still get into the park. All fences are still standing. We're gonna need some help with the tree though - maybe our friends at Arbor Tree Care can just grind it up for us in the park.

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I was just there - a second tree has fallen since these pictures were taken making it impossible to enter the park without hopping the fence!  There are also electrical wires on Beecher Street.  



Fundraiser time ... ?
I just updated the donation page to include at $25.00 donation for the park. Lesser or larger amounts can also be donated by choosing the "Other" option. Please just note what it's for "Beecher Park." We'll address this in more detail after we dig out.

There is a saw in the storage Bin, and I have a large hacket at my house. Ring my bell or text me at 857-222-4420 if you want to clear a path into the park. 

Also, don't forget we need to shovel the pathway.


The fallen tree has torn a hole in the fence big enough for dogs to get out. It's on the right side. Please be aware if you let your dog loose.


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