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Hi Everyone! 


I'd like to organize a clean up for Saturday, September 10th from 11 am to 2 pm. Here's what needs to be done, as far as I can tell: 

1. Pull up all of the weeds 

2. Get a chainsaw (Jen said she might be able to get us one) and chop up that big tree. (Teddy is against this. He likes to poop behind it. I want to move forward with this nonetheless.) 

*Does anyone else know anyone with a chainsaw? Does anyone know how to use one? 

*Does anyone have access to a wood chipper? 

3. Fix the fence where the tree fell. 

4. Get the top of the tree out of the community garden. 

5. Get the city to come pick up the big pile of debris we've had there since the Spring Cleanup. 

6. Drink Beer and eat pizza or hot dogs


It seemed like last time getting the grill there was sort of complicated, so let's just order a few pizzas (bring a few bucks to throw in if you want). I have a cooler and we can all bring a few beers to share. I have a hibachi if people would rather just do hot dogs. Let me know!I don't have any idea how to access the park's bank account, so let's just pay for things ourselves until we get that figured out. I will email Joseph to ask him. 


Please bring gardening gloves if you have them. We have a few rakes in the shed, but it can't hurt to have more if we want to even out the wood chips again. 


I can make signs to put up at the park letting people know about this, but please spread the word! 


Can anyone think of other things we should do during this cleanup? 






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That looks like a good list. I'm actually going to get an earlier start because I've got an 11:30 vet appointment, so I'll see how much of the weeds I can do.



I don't have a chainsaw due to lack of storage space, but I can definitely run one. My girlfriend Brenna and I will be there for sure to help. I have a couple of ideas for fixing the fence and I will bring some tools for that.


If you need anything don't hesitate to give me a call.





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