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Hey Crew,

Thanks to our friends at Arborway Tree Care 617-522-6071, we got a load of wood chips today!

I brought out the wheel barrel, shovels, and rakes from my basement so let's get spreading!

I think the focus should be on the front rather rear and middle rather than sides. 

Note this load has a bunch of sticks in it, so lets take those out and put them in lawn debris bags. The bags (and gloves) can be found in plastic grey storage bin. 

SAVE THE DATE: PARK CLEAN UP & BBQ - SATURDAY APRIL 24 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. 


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Would it make sense to get some people together to move the picnic table and build up big bed of chips before putting it back?

I'm thinking of the muddy muddy ring that seems to form around and under the table, but I'm no landscape architect so I have no idea if chips can help that situation.
Totally agreed. The post also need to be re-aligned. I've got some time the Saturday from 10:30 to 12:00.

Who else could help?

Otherwise we can do it during the clean up on April 24.
The gazebo posts? I noticed that the gazebo is missing a few screws and bolts. I can see if I have anything on hand that might work for replacement parts.

I'll be there on Sat. for the picnic table (and in April for the cleanup)
Cool. See you at 10:30 am, tomorrow, Saturday March 20!


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