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Certainly hope it was something else, but did anyone hear 2 gunshots at 1:14 and another single shot at 1:16am? Sounded like could have been travelling down Spring Park towards Centre St?

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Nope. I think fireworks is a pretty decent possibility as it's close to the 4th and I've heard them around the neighborhood a couple of times.
I just the remnant of some firecrackers on Amory street close to the Brewery. There were 2 things that looked like mini rockets.
meant to say "I just saw the..."
I was walking down Spring Park from Centre at almost exactly that time and kids were lighting off fireworks. Not right on SP Ave, but somewhere just off of it like Chestnut. I am pretty sure that this was not gunplay.
Agree that it sounded like fireworks. I live on Chestnut Ave -- I was up late and heard the sharp noises -- sounded more like old fashioned midwestern firecrackers than gunshots, though I confess I'm more familiar with the sound of the former than the latter.


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