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Does anybody have a wet basement for the first time (to them at least?) We've lived in our house for a few years now and this is our first. Seems to be from a high water table as it's coming up in spots in the floor as opposed to the foundation. It's not a bad amount (mostly taken care of with wet vac and mop)...but it's interesting to me to see it happen for the first time.

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Yes on Chestnut Ave. Our triple-decker condo basement has a little less than an inch this a.m., after we emptied out about half that amount last night. Real drag....
Yes -- our condo building on Chestnut Ave also has flooding for the first time. We've got about a foot on the ground thus far. Ugh.
Yup, us too. Lamartine Street near the tennis courts. We've always had a little seepage during big rain events, but this is something else entirely! We have about 3-4" down there now, the sump pump has been running constantly since yesterday morning, and it does seem to possibly be coming up through the floor as well as seeping in elsewhere... interesting to know that's happening for you, too.
Update from my earlier post from Chestnut Ave: In all, we've had about 3.5 inches so far. Our pump was broken and we emptied by hand on Sun night (as my back can attest). We were able to borrow a pump this afternoon, and never have I been so happy to see a working appliance.


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