Neighbors for Neighbors

Do stuff with and for your neighbors

Here is our current lineup:

Love Buzz
Mind, Body, and Soul
French Roast
Decaf French

Here are our rotating monthly specials:

Mexican Vienna
Breakfast Blend

What are your favorites?
Do you have any request?

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Hollah for Guatemala!!!
It has to be the love buzz! Why? Because it's called Love Buzz and I'm not kidding you. It's delicious.
I freaking love the crew at CF Boylston - aka The Outpost.
True - props to City Feed crew!
As much as I LOVED the "Holla for Guatamala" and I digging the love buzz!

Don't forget to bring your mug!
Mexican Vienna
funny you should mention it - we've been running all light roasts for our monthly specials, but maybe the vienna roast would be a nice alternative to the french roast we typically serve up
Love Buzz is by far my favorite.

Love Buzz is going to made all month at Boylston St, instead of Mind, Body, Soul.
Thought you would like to hear that!
Also, we have it on sale all month (if you want to bring some home) - only $5.99 for a pound!!!

--All the Folks at City Feed


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