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Hey there Dance JP! So! There's Spontaneous Celebrations and The Tony Williams Dance Studio, but has anyone EVER wondered if a Dance Coop like the Dance Complex in Cambridge could possibly sustain itself in JP? I personally would like to see it happen! Dancing every night of the week would be IDEAL!! I like freestyle dancing of course, but I would LOVE to have dance classes like Samba, West Coast Swing, African Dance, or even Cardio Kickboxing in a central location, that is walking distance from my home. What do you all think? I'm open to thoughts and ideas. Let's start a discussion! :0)

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I just got a thought! What if we start by throwing a dance party? I could write up a flyer and with help, post it around, starting with the Dance JP site. When people came, they could fill out a questionnaire about what kind of dance they'd like to learn. I could set up a dance class somewhere with another dance party following. That might get the things rolling. Anyone agree or willing to help put up flyers and invite people? Anyone wanna hold a dance party? Any suggestions for the kind of music this party should have?
Thank you for your thoughts! I would be willing to meet. The June Bug Cafe has seemed less crowded each time I've gone in there. We might be able to meet there?
I also wonder if it could be organized at Spontaneious Celebrations that has a lot of floor space and probably less restrictions on use. They already do some classes there - perhaps a group could organize to expand on an existing good thing. Honestly - have no ties to SC - just another idea. Keep me posted if a group discusses!
Sounds good. Will do! -Rebecca
I think I missed this email. YIKES! Would you be interested in meeting? I will be more free by next week. I'm a teacher and school ends Monday or Tuesday or something.
Many moons ago a dance coop in JP came up for discussion. I'm still interested in getting this going and have been talking to my neighbors about this. An idea that came up was to rent one of the empty spaces on/just off Centre Street to host a DANCE DAY. What would happen is that teachers who were interested in giving lessons in JP would come for one to two hours and give some dance lessons. Starting from 9AM on a Saturday and running until 9:00PM, teachers would give lessons for $10 per class. All the proceeds would go to renting the venue and paying off the teachers. This would definitely be a not-for-profit event, except to get the WORD OUT!! Would anyone be interested in helping to get this started?

Hello everyone My name is Jonathan Zapata from Zapata Entertainment.  We are a dance company based in JP, we have been in JP since 2008. We offer all types of classes and we would like to welcome everyone to our classes. We are trying to expand our schedule. Currently we offer classes on Thursdays at 7:15pm at the Tony Williams Dance Center.  The class is a latin workout consisted of salsa, merengue, chacha and much more. First time students can try it for free.  You can contact us at;



Dances we offer

Arg. Tango






and much more...


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