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We (the SW Corridor Park Conservancy) are planning to coordinate the 20 Year Anniversary with Wake Up the Earth (and many others) on Saturday, May 1st (see attached document).
Stopping I-95, moving the Orange Line, and creating a 4.7 mile award-winning park took united action from the South End, Roxbury, and JP. It is an achievement worth commemorating... and an opportunity to raise the park's profile which will help the park be better served!
I am on the Anniversary Organizing Committee - how should we celebrate our park? Any interest in getting involved?
Please create a dialog on, and feel welcome to write ( or call (617-792-7472) me directly.
Dan d'Heilly

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UPDATE: The DCR is helping organize a yearlong calendar of events, so in addition to celebrating at Wake Up The Earth on May 1st, we are planning another event for the middle of Sept, and smaller events all year.

This will be announced at the next PMAC meeting (March 3)

Please feel welcome to join the discussion.

Hi, Dan,
I hope the SWCP Conservancy has a couple of members who could carry a SWCP Conservancy banner in the Wake Up the Earth Festival parade on Sat. May 1 at 10:30! We can help you with materials and a space/support at Spontaneous Celebrations to make your banner. Everybody along Centre St. will see it and it would be a good eye-catcher over your non-profit info table at the Festival.

Give a call: Hope Haff,
Has any one seen something about a photo contest? There should be a SWCP PMAC meeting comming up on wednesday July 7 there should be information there.
The photo contest is open to all, more info can be found at


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