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I heard a rumor the other day about Lionetti's coming to The Brewery in a space just above Bella Luna. Read more about it here. Would love to know your thoughts.

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According to the article you posted it states "The solution to the country’s dangerous food supply is quite simple: Stop eating food from supermarkets. Stop eating food from around the planet. Eat local and buy it locally. Rather than manage and regulate a broken and dangerous food supply, we should spend our money and support the people who supply healthy and nutritious food. Remember, Americans pay less per capita on food than anyone else on the planet. So if we just learn from everyone else and focus our income on what we need to survive and not what the latest cell phone will do, it will become much easier to pay the appropriate price for food. - Lionette’s Market"

This sounds pretty good to me. Access to healthy locally group food seems to be very important to our users of this site as you can read about in a discussion in City Feeds group.
Yes, I've only just recently realized the importance of the food we put in our bodies and what a dramatic long-term effect it has on us.


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