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Friend Jumped on bike path last night behind Jackson sq Tstop!!!

please please please use caution when bicycling behind the jackson sq T stop along the bike path. a friend of mine was jumped there last night no so late (around 10:30) by a pack of teenagers with knives. he was knocked of his bicycle and cut. luckily not more seriously brutalized than that. tell your friends. complain to the city for not keeping bicycle paths safe for bicyclists (better lit...etc.)

and carry your bicycle lock where its easy to get fight back!

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wow! Did they rob him or just want to mess with him? It is pretty dark along that bike path at night.

Thanks for the heads up!
Yikes that's horrible, I riding right through there later tonight. Maybe I'll stay along Columbus.
just a thought....maybe if everyone called the mayors hotline and asked them to look into making the bicycle paths safer (didnt menino declare boston a bicycle friendly city...ha ha ha) then there would be some action!

only takes a minute!

the Mayor's Hotline at (617) 635-4500. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions or handle any City service issues you may have.
Thanks for posting this Rebecca!

- Please make sure your friend files out a police report. That is how the police know there activity they need to be on the look out for.

- Calling the Mayor's hotline is god idea as that creates a paper trial of there being an issue. You can get the id number for the complaint - and follow up on it.

I'd also suggested contacting..
- Colleen Keller our neighborhood coordinator - she is on vaca from a couple more days though.
- Sgt. Krause from our local police station
- Dan from the SW Corridor Park Conservancy Board. They know how to make things happen here.

Hope this helps!
Fantastic....thanks Ill forward along those last 3 contacts....and yes there totally was a police report filled out!

thanks for all the warm wishes safe!
This happened to me twice before 3 years ago in the same spot near the Jackson Square T--in broad daylight! There was a group of children throwing stones at me from up on the concrete bunker (to the left of the path just before the station), and their strategy was to piss me off so that I would drop my bike and chase them. The second time there was a teenager loitering nearby to take my bike--but I was so angry that I chased them off on my bike. I alerted a nearby cruiser of the situation, but I regret that I never reported it. That final turn onto Center Street is a vulnerable spot, I may just get off the bike path and avoid that area from now on.

I appreciate your posting this. After that incident, I almost got myself some mace, but decided against it . Now I'm not so sure...but I'll be sure to call the mayor!

thats funny that you mention this...i had an almost identical scenario happen to me in this location 3-4 years ago....i think this is clearly an ongoing problem...and hopefully with a network like neighbors for neighbors..and enough folks putting pressure on city hall....well see some changes.

b! go N for N!
I am so glad this network can be of assistance.

Something to keep in mind is that the Southwest Corridor park is not actually city land - it is owned by the state and maintained by the Department of Conservation Resources - hence why the SW Corridor Park Conservancy Board was created - to advocate on our behalf.
I'd been swung at with a bat and spit on in that narrow corridor between the Bromley Heath project and the T Station around 6 years ago.

After that, I have always ridden on the outside bus parking/pickup area (the pavement between the station overhang and grassy area to the south. You'll need to be careful of buses, and the transition back onto the sidewalk/bikeway is a bit hairy at the entrance/exit, but I'd rather take my chances with cars and buses than hoods.
This location has been a problem area for robberies and assaults. This is state property and we have brought up the issue at the PMAC (Parkland Management Association Committee) meeting. This meeting occurs on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm. The location changes so check with our office if you are interested in attending this meeting in the future.

The lighting is poor in that area and I have asked for a review from the state. Some of the walls provide easy hiding spots and escape routes. An alternative is to stay on Columbus Ave and turn right on Centre St. You can also contact the MA State Police at 617-727-6780.

Call 911 to reports any incidents that occur along the corridor.

Sgt. Eric Krause
Area E-13 Community Service
That part of the bike path is particularly dangerous-I was jumped twice in broad daylight--some kids hid behind that concrete bunker that is along the path by the T station. I would recommend that bikers avoid that section late at night and bike along Columbus Avenue and then up Center Street on the sidewalk or street. It's tough to fight back when you're trying to stay on your bike--their goal is to get you off your bike.

Who do you recommend we complain to? The JP police?


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