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My vote goes to Bella Luna.
Shoestring fries with just the right amount of salt, served in a paper cone!

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I like the crispy fries at Zestos and Nemos.
is zesto's good? i live so incredibly close but for some reason have never ordered from there. i feel like jp seafood is my kitchen lately. our last pizzas were from the real deal and the milky way, respectively.
My favorite items as Zestos are the Mona Lisa and Chicken Souvaliki (sp?).
thanks, duly noted! is the pizza itself any good? years ago, a coworker used to rave about oggi. i was just thinking of it the other day, and then i read they've reopened in harvard square.
years ago when i reported for the parkway transcript, the paper did a big review of all the french fries we could eat in the w. rox/roslindale area. it was a really hot couple of days and man was that some punitive eating. what we found were pounds of frozen fries, the variation found in the coating and freshness of the oil. so next door, i do think jp has it a little better... in addition to previous mentions, i'd add the loaded fries at james gate, with the red pepper coulis, mushrooms i think, etc.
Food Wall hands down!


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