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Hi neighbors,

JP Neighbors Cycling is one of the largest groups on Neighbors for Neighbors, which is awesome! Alas, we haven't done as much as I think we could have.

I'd like to change that, so I've made a survey to see what people would like to do and when:

Tick off all the things you'd be potentially interested in (and when you'd like to do them, via the
Giant Matrix Form of Dooooooom), and leave any further comments here, or start your own discussion!

I can share the results of the survey in a few days, and we can hang out somewhere and go over the ideas people have contributed. Make sure to leave your email address in the survey if you want to come to that meeting, so we can find a convenient time, and so I know how many people are interested in helpin' out.

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Hey everyone - keep those responses coming so we can include your ideas and preferences.  There's only 4 questions, should take you less than 5 minutes!


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