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Hey JPers! Any intermediate player want to hit some balls tomorrow afternoon? Not sure how hot it'll be, but I'm available after 1 pm. Let me know! :)

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I'd love to play. I'm returning to the city in the afternoon so could be free by 2pm and later


Great Sinead! How about 3ish?

Great Sinead! How about 3ish?


Hi Steffani, do you think we could hit a bit later? Maybe closer to 5? I was planning to get together with a friend for an hour or so when I get back.  It also may be a bit cooler. If that doesn't work, then I can try and change the time I get together with my friend (I definitely want to be able to play today!! :)

Hey Steffani, I just got in touch with my friend so can definitely do 3pm if you're still up for it. You can text me at 781-470-9034...might be a little easier to confirm this way.


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