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Will you guys be playing?

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Shorts and tshirts weather!

BTW, do you guys know there is a group that plays on sundays. they might be on break right now, but in the winter it's usually around 1pm at english, and in summers 4pm across from Stony Brook.
That makes three of us, at least. I'm sure we can get at least four, which is good for box. Shall we meet at English at 10 am? I'll email my frisbee team, as well, and see if any of them would like to come out.
Hasta manana!
Ha! You beat me to the punch by 30 minutes :) I'm planning on being there.

We typically do 10:30, and some folks might be expecting that, but I don't see any reason why we couldn't try starting a little earlier, given the weather is warm.

I'm trying something new- I will post a link in a second for RSVPs (which you will not need to belong to the NfN site in order to respond to, as I've received some complaints that the group is a pain to join and such.)
Am excited to play with you all tomorrow! I'm usually 15 minutes late for everything, so I'll probably show up at 10:15 am instead of 10 am anyway...
Thanks for organizing this group and posting the invite, Brett!
OK, I've finished setting up the new group and the RSVP link!

And you can RSVP here:
(no registration required, MUCH easier to use!)

I'll keep this NfN group to help people find us and encourage people to join NfN for other neighborhood stuff, but the meat 'n potatoes will be over on the Google group. I will update that group page with a link to each week's game RSVP. The group is moderated, so no spammage about roommates, kittens in need of adopting, etc.

Feel free to share the group and RSVP links with other players you know who Play Well With Others (ie good SoTG).
Brett, please add the URL for the google group as the URL in the group management box so other members can find the group.

Also, if anyone has any feedback for suggestions about why you are choosing Google Groups over our groups we'd love to hear it. We then pass on to Ning the people who build this platform.

Enjoy the game tomorrow!


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