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I'm looking for more standard format in a writer's group. By that I mean meetings for accountability and critiques. Anyone interested?



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My house is also available and I have a feeling a more neutral setting, like the Robinwood, might be better for our first meeting.


Thursday 9/15.

Unless it's crowded I'm sure they'll be happy to a foursome, or more, even if we just get selzter and we can move if seems wrong.


What do folks think? 

Oh dear, oh dear, I doublebooked.  If you all do meet tonight, I'll just have to catch up on the 2nd meeting. I'm not sure, though, this doesn't sound like it was nailed down, so maybe if it's rescheduled I can join you on the first meeting.


I'm available Tuesday 9/20 or Thursday 9/22, and the Robinwood sounds great. If you all do meet tonight, my sincere regrets for not being there!

I think we should meet tonight, just to get the ball rolling...though I may be a puddle...

That's fine with me.  Or next Thursday is fine.  I just can't do both in a row.

I don't know....there might be people out there lurking who expect to come tonight....or it could be just me and you Shannon...what do you think? Anybody else got an opinion? 103 views and no strokes!

I think we should just go ahead and meet tonight as planned.  It's simpler that way and we won't have to worry about unannounced lurkers who might not be following this thread at the moment.  See you at 7:00!

Yes! See you tonight. Daria

I'd be interested, but I've got my kids most nights. I'm child-free every other weekend, so could do Friday, Saturday, or Sunday times.


I have been writing professionally for 20 years, but have recently gotten the urge to pursue more creative writing and would love a group to help me stay on track.


Great, Dana!  When Daria and I (and maybe some other people?) meet tonight, we can talk more about structure and scheduling and all that and report back here.  Every other Sunday would probably work really well for me but I think it was vetoed earlier by others who can't do Sundays.  We'll figure it out!

..I'm working on an article for a women's magazine right's a long shot, but it's a topic I'm juiced about so, we shall see...hope you join us!

Hey Everyone!


We (me, Shannon and Jodi) had a great meeting tonight. We made some first decisions about how we're going to go about things, do critiques, set up a next meeting time, and will actually be giving feedback at our next meeting! That meeting will be Sunday, Sept. 25 at 7PM at the Robinwood. We also decided that we can only work effectively with another 2-3 more folks (for a total of between 4-6). So, now is the time! Or rather Sunday Sept. 25 is the time, please come!



Shannon, can you send me your email address? I wrote you today--set up a blog--and the invitation a hurry...very open to changing blog..woke up on fire about query letter, etc. thanks. D.


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