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Hi everyone,

We have a playful, unconditionally friendly, almost 2 yr old Boston Terrier named Roswell.  We're new to Massachusetts (from Texas) and still trying to get used to the idea of winter.  I can predict now that we won't be very good at getting Roswell outside for as much exercise as she'd like, so I'm wondering if anyone does, or is interested in doing, indoor play-dates throughout the colder/wetter months.  

Roswell is quite small, seems to have endless energy for playing, but also sweet and generally submissive.  She is tough enough to wrestle with big dogs and seems to get along with everyone.  Let me know if you're interested or you know a group who gets together already.  Thanks!


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thanks for the response. sounds great! my week is packed and then i'm leaving early for a weekend vacation. perhaps we can make plans for next week. are weekdays ok for you as well?
I'm definitely interested - we have two German Shepherds though, so it would have to be a decently-large space, like a basement or something. We don't have any such thing :-)
I am happy to have dogs playing in the house--I have two largish ones (dogs not houses) already and so there is a lot of indoor wrestling--but perhaps a good starting point would be to find out which dogs Roswell likes to play with. Have you taken her to Peter's Hill in the Arboretum yet? We are there mid-mornings most weekend days and would be happy to meet up some day to see how the dogs do. (Mine are a husky and a ridgeback cross.)
we haven't been to Peter's hill yet. but do stroll through the Arboretum on occasion. I'm out of town this weekend, but perhaps next weekend we will come join you. i'd love to find that area, and we can see how our dogs like each other!
Hi All,

I organize play dates for dogs in JP; feel free to check out my meetup group ( and join us!



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