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Please take a look at this form and get back to me with your suggestions by leaving a comment.


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One question on the form to submit an address is unclear:

"To your knowledge the person who needs help shoveling has not hired someone else to shovel them out "

If you answer "yes" does that mean yes, they have not hired someone, or yes, they have hired someone.


Thanks for pointing this out. We changed it to now say "If your are submitting someone else to be shoveled, you have gotten their consent to do so?"

hi Joseph

a lot of us in our neighborhood are renters and do not own the property, but still need help shoveling our cars out. (even homeowners might need that help, I suppose). I am wondering if you would consider that on the form. I filled out a form for myself so this suggestion might seem self serving, but I think I may have thought of it anyway. Having a hurt foot, I have trouble shoveling even on a good week (often I walk with a cane).Yet I have to have my car to go anywhere, being unable to walk distances. I wonder if others are in same boat?

If you dont' want to add it, maybe you know someone in the area who'd come to shovel. I dont' know many of our neighbors unfortunately. I am willing to pay if needed..(I have made some calls too, no pos response yet). It is not a good week for my body so I may not be able to shovel at all.

I also can help coordinate logistics tonight, tomorrow afternoon or night. if you need help.

We've added vehicles!


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