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French Fry is missing from St. Rose Street in JP/Orange male cat

We have not seen our cat French Fry since sometime on Sunday (6/20/10) on St. Rose Street (off of South and Arborway), where we live. He is most likely stuck in someone's garage or basement or shed. He is very curious but cautious when he is outside. I am guessing that he wandered into an open door over the weekend (when everyone does yard work and other outdoor activities) and got trapped inside. Please, everyone, check your basements/garages. French Fry wears a reflective collar with an ID tag, though it could have broken off, he is also microchipped and can be turned into the MSPCA. PLEASE Call Abby at 774-313-8553 or Email me ( with any news at all. Feel free to forward/share this with anyone or any site. Thanks so much for looking out for our little guy!

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Comment by Sarah on July 3, 2010 at 6:24pm
I'm so sorry! Just dropping this note to let you know that there will be fellow cat lovers in the neighborhood keeping an eye out for French Fry. I hope he returns.
Comment by Su Cousineau on June 24, 2010 at 12:59pm
I do not have direct info on French Fry -- I am so sorry! I hope you have found him by now. Quick idea -- have you considered a psychic or animal communicator? May sound a bit out there but that's how my friends found out there cat was "lost" out in a their back yard shed. I guess some cats can sort of "freeze" and not respond even if near by.

There is an animal communicator at 7 Harris Ave in JP -- I can't find her name at the moment, and am on the run. She has an office in the small office suites at 7 Harris. You can just go there, front door open during the day, and I believe her card is on the entry way table. My friend's did not use her but talked to 'spiritualist' who could see where the cat was. But they are also close friends, and this woman is out of the country often. I will try to see if she is available for consult should you be interested.

I will also attach a "lost pet guide" I've come across. Maybe helpful. Aw, good luck!

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