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Looking to join a CSA. Any experinces etc



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Thanks Rich, that was very comprehensive. I approached Stillman but since I do not eat Pork and nor can i commit to being in JP every week as i expect to travel quite a bit, it is proving difficult. But still persevering.


just started the CSA at community servings and I am in the second week. it is all organic fruits and veggies--and you can get eggs as well. so far I am pleasantly impressed with what they have given me. you do have to go there to pick it up every week though (behind Stonybrook T) and if you can not do this, then this is unlikely to work for you. however, starting in a week or two, there is going to be a farmer's market at the same location--not sure what days or times as yet, but if you call community servings I am sure they will let you know. or maybe someone else on NFN knows??


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