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black cat sleeping in my car engine area-Brookside Nieghborhood

Hi all-

As I was driving to work this morning, I heard a "CLUNK" under my car. When I looked in the rearview mirror a black cat was running away back toward Brookside from under my car (I was on Merriam). Both my boyfriend and I noticed no dodging cats in the street, and the sound really sounded like something fell out of the car. I am pretty sure he/she was up in my sleeping in the engine area and took a while to wake up and get out. I thought it was the neighbor's car Smudge, but happily it was not.
It was a black cat, he was running back towards Brookside when I saw him (i am hoping that is a good sign), and needless to say I am a little worried. If anyone knows or has guesses as to whose cat it is please let me know.
I also want to warn others to check your car-although I am not sure how outside of opening the hood and making noise, but fair warning. I don't want to hurt anyones cat, so this has been pretty upsetting.

I would also make a plea to cat owners to PLEASE keep your cat's INSIDE! Everyone knows all the reasons, but an extra one is when you make a "personal choice" to let your cat out, you are also making it possible for me to unwittingly harm someone's pet, and that feels really unfair to me. I don't want to hurt anyones beloved pet.


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I've since found small amounts of fur on the engine, so yea, someone was sleeping heavily.



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