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My home and business are beset by the overpowered bass of Boom Cars. I have posted on this before as I would really like to get some community feedback. I've written a pretty comprehensive piece on my blog to outline the ...

I'm really curious to hear some alternate viewpoints and I'm hoping for some respectful, intelligent discussion on the matter. In a nutshell, traffic noise is just a fact of life when you live in the city. However, as the global population rises and population density becomes such that we are living in closer proximity to each other  - we will have to build a consensus as to what is socially acceptable.  I’ve been pretty annoyed by this behavior for a long time but until I did a bit of research for this post I wasn’t aware it was an international issue.  It appears to be an issue from Gainsville to Glasgow.

Please take a minute to comment and write the mayor and your councilman. 

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