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This was sent out this morning from Officer Carlos Lara to Residents of Jamaica Plain E-13


Residents in District E-13 have reported that packages are being stolen from front porches, as well as outgoing mail found on the street, opened and contents missing.

The stolen packages have been delivered to residences and then stolen from the home.  In the past, people have reported thieves following delivery trucks and stealing the packages as soon as they are dropped off in front of the residences.

We are prompting the community to take precautions when having packages delivered to their residences and to follow the preventative measures below.

  • It is the best policy to require a signature upon delivery of a package. Thus, request that the package be marked signature required
  • If you are not going to be home, ask the delivery company to hold the package at their facility/warehouse for pick up, or
  • Ask a family member or a trusted friend, who will be home, if you can have the package delivered to  his/her residence
  • If it is imperative that the package be delivered to your home, consider a trusted neighbor to pick up the package as soon as it arrives
  • You may also have the package delivered to your workplace
  • Ask the company for a tracking number confirmation and when the package will arrive.
  • If you are at home, take custody of your packages and mail as soon as they arrive
  • If possible, insure your packages
  • If you think that your package has been stolen or lost, check outside and around your residence.  You may also check with your neighbors or call the company to confirm that it was sent to you.  If your inquiries have no results, file a police report with your local police department or with the post office if sent by mail

If you have any questions or information about any stolen packages, you may contact the District E-13 Community Service Office at: (617) 343-5624, or call the Criminal Investigations Unit at (617) 343-5628

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