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I posted this when I lived in Miami Beach a few years back, and it worked out great.  So here goes. . . 


I love dogs.  When I was 5, my parents promised me I could get a dog when I was old enough to walk one. I made my dad sign a contract to that effect and tucked it away in the dictionary under 'dog' until I was 8. Happily, I got Sammy, a golden retriever, on my 8th birthday.


But, now that I'm grown up, I sadly do not have a lot of money or time (I work long hours for an environmental non-profit) or an allowing apartment to have a dog.  


So here's my proposal:  I walk your dog!


Do you have a big dog or a puppy that needs extra exercise?  Do you just not like getting up in the morning to walk Fido and want a break one day a week?  Or do you just want to help a neighbor out who loves dogs? 


We could meet, do a test walk together, and then set up one day a week for a walk, or I can just call when I need some puppy love. I have excellent references, as I was a professional dog-walker in college. Send me a personal message and let's have you, me and your dog meet!


My dogs back home, tired after a good, long walk.  ------------->

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