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Here is who needs help:

Down the street:

  • 804 Centre Street #1 Jamaica Plain, MA - I am in parking space #12 at 804 Centre St. Lic #28ZC94 - 92 oldsmobile cutlass sierra station wagon -= medium blue with wood trim - I am arthritic and need/carry a portable oxygen concentrator
  • 1 Grosvenor Rd Jamaica Plain, MA - Pale blue Honda Fit hatchback lic# HP795G parked on Grovenor Rd. Left Right Around Corner From 14 Pond St. Jamaica Plain, Jamaica Plain, MA.
  • 2 Pond Circle Boston, MA - Snow Shoveling of walk, driveway
  • 61 Slocum Road Jamaica Plain, MA - They just need help shoveling sidewalk. At the very end of the cul de sac. Not too daunting
  • 14 John A. Andrew Street Jamaica Plain, MA - Please shovel out my car (2011 Navy Blue Subaru Sedan (625JS6) parked in front of 14 John A. Andrew Street in Jamaica Plain and the sidewalk if it is needed. I have an orange snow pusher on a long handle on the front porch for you to use to remove the snow from my car. It makes the work easier and protects the car. Thank you! 

Just past Home Depot:

  • 222 Riverside Drive Dedham, MA - Due to my recent arm injury, I'm unable to shovel the path leading to my front door nor my drive way. There's no sidewalk so it should take no more than 30 minutes. However, my drive way isn't such a big issue. But my front path definitely needs to be done for the sake of the mail man which alone should take 5 minutes. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

On your way to the Cape:

  • 18 Dartmouth Road Plymouth, MA - I am unable to shovel my drive way due to recent surgery. Cannot lift heavy objects. Out of work on medical leave until Monday. I think all of the snow on dartmouth road is at the end of my driveway about 36 inches of plowed snow and the end of my driveway and 10 inches of snow in the driveway. I am medically unable to shovel. Can anyone help?

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