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I've got a 3-speed Velorbis Churchill Balloon, with some changes. I bought it without a headlight or dyno hub, that lowered the cost quite a bit. It's in great shape, but the fenders have taken a few scratches since I bought it (the perils of small apartments.) Also, the Schwalbe balloon tires that it came with have almost no clearance to the stays, so after a couple miles there was rubbing. The dealer threw on a smaller, but still seriously-comfortable, pair of tires and I've had no problems since.

It's a very nice ride - but it's too big and heavy for me to store it easily. I'm also 5'7" and with the seat all the way down, it's still a wee bit too big for me to comfortably get my feet on the ground. It's a shame that this awesome bike isn't a good fit for how I want to commute.

I'm looking for $1000 OBO, I'm currently on Beecher St in JP. 

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