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JP for All declines JPNC Whole Foods Ad Hoc Invitation

JP For All received an invitation from the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council to submit recommendations of members for its Ad Hoc Committee charged with finding an alternative to the Whole Foods Market at 415 Centre Street. We declined the invitation and strongly believe that the votes, mandates, and statements made by the JPNC over the last several months have rendered the once powerful organization irrelevant and out of touch with the vast majority of the over 37,000 people who call Jamaica Plain home.  


As a body elected (albeit by the smallest fraction of the population and often not at all) to serve the community it is their obligation to be objective and to act in the best interests of all residents of JP not a vocal minority.  The JPNC's recent actions are not guided by law, policy, precedent or principle, but instead appear to be a visceral reaction to whoever screams at them the loudest.  For any JP resident, including members of JP For All, to participate in an ad hoc committee to discuss alternatives to a space legally being leased and renovated by Whole Foods is an incredible waste of time, energy, and resources that might be used to deal with the substantiative issues that are impacting Jamaica Plain.


Below you will find the complete text of our email to the JPNC declining their invitation: 


Hi Jay


Thanks for following up.  I did receive your email.  


I am posting it to our Facebook page to let people decide as residents if they are interested in participating. 


As an organization JP for All does not support the mandates of the ad-hoc committee and therefore cannot participate.  Many are in direct conflict with our petition, signed by well over 370 JP residents who believe it is necessary to find a way to welcome Whole Foods while tackling the important issues that are facing our community.


We feel that we have found our voice on this issue and will be looking to engage in opportunities where we can take part, not as a member within the existing outdated JPNC structure, but as a group of residents who are able to sit at the table as equals to find positive and productive ways to address the issues that are facing the community.   



Rick Stockwood


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Thanks Erica. I will not be in attendance because of the reasons stated above, but I hope that the overtures - although long overdue - from the JPNC are not another attempt to sideline the real issues and hold permits and licenses hostage. Guess we will hear tomorrow if the circus is here to stay. Fingers crossed.
re elections: they'll be held this September - they usually take place the Saturday of the World's Fair. 20 seats total (5 each from areas A, B, and C and 5 at large). interested candidates collect signatures during the summer (25 to run for an area seat, 50 if running at large). These are certified by the city prior to names going on the ballot. Bios of each candidate have previously run in the Gazette and I'm guessing this time around the Patch will run them too. Last election there were ballot boxes in place at Forest Hills, JP Licks and Hyde Square to ensure access. Votes were tabulated independently and winners announced the week after the election. Information packs are distributed in early summer and there will also be information at

Let me know if you need more info on the process, and please, PLEASE do run in Sept. It will be great to have competitive elections.


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