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Hi, folks.  There are some kittens living on Boylston Place that are pretty obviously in need of homes or intervention.  I know someone called the MSPCA and was advised to just leave them there.  I have had some experience with domesticated animals being "left to fend for themselves" and think it is a guarantee of suffering.  So I am wondering if anyone knows what else I might do.  Is there any sort of neighborhood committee or another group or shelter I might contact for intervention?  Some informal network of people who have resources who might help?  I am not sure what to even try.  Thank you.

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Jenna, I posted this to my Facebook page, asking if any animal lovers can please offer advice or assistance. Thanks so much for being willing to help the little guys; hopefully we'll get some good advice.

Thanks!  Let me know if you get any advice.  I emailed several shelters, and no one has responded yet.  

I did in fact get some input. A friend's wife does work with trap/neuter/release of feral cats in Cambridge. He suggested you check with them to find if they know of anyone  doing the same in JP. The group is Charles River Alleycats, and here's the site for contact info:

Thanks so much!  They called me back.  Right now the situation is that my friend is going to try to communicate with the group home whose property the cats are living on and see if we can discern who is feeding them to get those people's consent.  Then Charles River Alleycats will help us catch them and transport them to vets who will spay/neuter and vaccinate them for $60 a cat (which is extremely cheap compared to normal).  I'm going to try to get money from my network of people.  Alley Cats is also going to help us get them some shelter through the winter.  During that time, I and a bunch of people will try to place them in homes.  Then in spring, they will be re-released in the area they were before, but at least they will be only one generation that won't get sick and will have grown to adult-size and made it through their first winter.  If you know of anyone looking to adopt a cat who is up to date at the vet for free, please let me know.  Hopefully we will get the ball rolling, and I will report back.  

Sounds like you're making headway, Jenna. Great! Thanks for the update, and please do let us know how things turn out.



Contact Sheera at Second Chance Shelter.  She lives in JP.  Email:  She should be able to help.



Thanks.  I sent an email.  I am trying to work with the Charles River Alleycats.  But I will go with whatever puts them in the best situation.  


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