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Planning a Farmer's Market, need community members imput!

Hello Friends,

I am volunteering with Community Servings to help plan a farmer's market here in our parking lot this summer. We have a few farmers who are interested in doing a Sunday market but we need your imput! Would you be interested in coming this summer on a Sunday to 18 Marbury Terrace, where we are located, to purchase items from local farms and businesses? If so, what time of day would you likely come by? What specific items would you purchase? How often would you come by?

We are excited at the prospect of starting a market that will both provide community members with fresh, local produce and products, as well as, create relationships with farmers that may assist us in better serving our critically-ill clients fresh, nutritious home delivered meals! Let us know what you think!

If you are interested in coming to the market let us know but you can also let us know if your business is interested in joining our market as a vendor! Thanks so much, in advance, for your replies!

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I think local food and products is the way to go and I am curious if there has been any coordination between the Centre street market, your group and any others? For instance I heard something recently about a market near Copper Beach somewhere on Amory. My concern would only be for the farmers/vendors. It seems if there are too many markets in a relatively small area it may dilute the cause and limit success.

In general I'd like to see the usual fruits and vegetables, but canned (or jarred) goods would be nice! I love homemade bread and butter pickles! I was just at a farmers market in VT and they had other things like handmade soap, candles, sweaters, etc. and that seemed to work well.
'morning Will,

Yes we reached out to Stillman's when we first decided to do a Farmers' Market over here in the Stony Brook area. Their market has been on Centre Street for 20+ years and they really wanted to stay there. And as is the case in the restaurant industry -- the more the merrier!

The Community Servings Farmers' Market is meant to provide fresh, local, and often organic produce and products to an area that has been under served. Our farmer accepts WIC and Elder coupons, and Community Servings provides access to Food Stamps and The Food Projects' Bounty Bucks program that effectively doubles a person's food stamps for use at the market.

The response at the market and on websites such as Neighbors for Neighbors has been wonderful. People are looking for something like this in this area. If you haven't stopped by yet, please do. We set up an outdoor cafe area, we have a 'watering hole' where you can park your dog, the kitchen is looking into making 'doggie biscuits', we'll be able to stage outdoor food demonstrations later in the season, and people are starting to think about using the site as a meeting place of sorts. There will be 'orchard' bike rides from the site and perhaps even a contest or two later in the season. All things that we can do here, but become virtually impossible behind the Bank of America parking lot.

I'll look forward to seeing you soon!
Super. Yeah I got confused on the address. I mixed up MarLou Terrace and Marbury Terrace. Sorry, no wonder I was so confused. So can I use anything I read here in my blog? Any website or no?
Pilfer away!

Just 1 caveat: wwe put out some special text about the launch and the kick off, so if you have any questions, just let me know!

And thank you for helping to send out the word!



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