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Does anyone know who to get in touch with to find out more about the Southwest Community Garden in Roslindale (at the corner of Rowe St and Cummins Highway)?

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Several possibilities.


One of the board members of the garden group recently spoke at a meeting of the Friends of Healy Playground neighborhood group.  Try reaching Bob Mason, head of the neighborhood group at:   He may have contact data. , Alternately Ken Phillips of "Greening Rozzie" at:


Alternately, Boston Natural Networks should have contact data or the office of City Councilor Rob Consalvo, or Mayor Menino's Neighborhood Services rep, David McNulty.


The land was up for development by the MBTA a few years back but a deal struck with the City and State has assured continuation of that garden for at least 20 more years.


The land was orginally a neighborhood of some 12 or more homes that were taken by eminent domain back in the late 60s to facilitate the extension of Rt I-95 from Westwood to Boston.  It would have been an elevated highway following the railroad - the Big Dig of its day.  The then-Governor (Frank Sergeant) stopped the project but by then hoardes of land had already been taken between downtown and Roslindale along the railroad.  Much of the Southwest Park abutting the Orange line is the result of this land seizure.  The state then placed a 30-year moratorium on the parcel to assure no one profitted from anothers loss and restricted the land for use for transportation or for something in the public interest.


The MBTA, was deeded control of the parcel, though formal deeds show it owned by both the State Highway Department and MBTA. The MBTA still owns parcels in that area that could still be sold into development.  They are off the end of Fowle Street and to the rear of 74 Rowe. abutting the railroad according to ISD maps of the area.


In 1985 during the final construction pahse of the Southwest Corridor (Orange line and Amtrak reloaction project) there were hearings to establish an MBTA commuter train station there but the neighborhood rejected that notion, preferring to keep the garden.  Drop me a note if you have other questions.  I am not a garden slot holder, just a neighbor with data.


Dennis K.

Area resident

Thanks, this is super helpful!  I appreciate it.




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