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Hi everyone,

We are working on our very first garden with a very tight budget, and would love to pick up any of your unwanted landscaping items!

 - rocks/small boulders - for a riverbed, or small wall. Any amount is fine!

 - stepping stones - any kind of flat stones for embedding in the ground (square, natural, etc.)

 - washed gravel (for a french drain)

 - untreated lumber

 - any divided or extra plants!

 - old bricks from walkways, driveways, paths

 - birdbath

 - planters, etc. (we have lots of the black plastic pots from nurseries)

 - anything else you think might be nice in a garden!


I am excited about working on this garden for years to come. We might be able to pay for some of these items, trade other jobs (I can sew, bake, am a great babysitter, would love to water your plants while you are on vacation, etc.) or we'd love to make you dinner in our new little oasis.


thanks very much for keeping us in mind!

 - fb

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