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Is anyone else in Brookside totally sick and tired of the construction on Amory? Is it on any other streets in Brookside? My house has been shaking for months now. Literally.

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It doesn't look like it's going to get better. Someone has a nice collection of pipes that look bigger than Carslyl's pipes sitting at the corner of Green and Amory. They are going to have to dig a really big hole in the ground to get those pipes to wherever they are going.

On another note, are they the ones who cut that nice trough down Green St.? It's a real pleasure to bicycle over.
They are digging up all of JP. I spoke to about a hundred people during the last several months - and this is what I found. National Grid's pipes are leaking. They are having to send men through the pipes to seal each and every seam. Nice, huh? They don't give a damn about the citizens because we don't have a choice do we?

I made no progress until John Tobin (city councilor) and Colleen Keller (Mayor's Liaison to JP)got involved. They got NG to

put a beam under the three plates that were shaking the sh*t out of my house. This is a view from my bedroom window...
Thanks for sharing how you are addressing this Will!

I was up all night with National Grid. They hammered away till three in the morning as I enjoyed the smell of natural gas and some other slightly stronger chemical. I measured the decibels from my bedroom and got an average of 77db. I believe about 50db is acceptable to night work.


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