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Hello Brooksiders!

I wanted to let folks know about a new communtiy garden effort that is under way to "take back" the empty lot on the south side of Boylston between Brookside and Egleston, and potentially expanding on to some of the other ones around from there.  

We have a good core group started and many more are welcome.  The next workday is Sunday 8/29 from 10am-3pm.  Feel free to show up at any time during that or you can contact me for more info.  One of the main tasks for this week will be to get ideas on layout and overall design of the space.  Many opportunities to step up and make great things happen and to create some new commons in the neighborhood.

Hope to see out on Sunday or whenever else you can join us!



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Mike, this is fantastic, thank you! I'm definitely interested in becoming involved! -Allie


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