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The Globe on Egleston square, they include a mention of Canto 6 and 'Koreans learning from their patrons to speak spanish' which I assume means the Green Street Market. The comments are mixed, slightly on topic(which is surprising for, and really peeved about how broadly the define Egleston square.

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Maybe you should write them a correction or request for clarification?
Do I Hear the cry of someone who does NOT want to identify with Egleston Square when they live much further from the Monument or even the post office!
Egelston Square is underated, and often vilified (if a neighborhood can be) as Hell on Earth.
Theres ALOT of great families, businesses, and points of interest in this neighborhood.
Did y'all know this is where Paul Reveres' counterpart departed from on his journey to warn of the "Redcoats"?
My Dad grew up here, and has fond memories of parades and events honoring this bit of history.
Thanks for speaking up for the neighborhood. In your dad's day Roxbury could put on a good show, and they didn't have to fight with the merithon fokes in order to honor William Dawes faking out the British gate-keepers in order to get the word out.
I got robbed once 7 years ago on haverford st where I live. The kid held me up with a gun that looked ridiculous and I told him no $$$ for you but I will call 911. I did and he shot me 3 times with his BB gun. I never felt it till after he got away. The POLICE where there in seconds and this kid had robbed 2 other people down by Green st T stop.
Even after that I still felt safe here in Eggie Sq which is what my mother calls it.
I love how its not so STERILE like other neighborhoods in JP and I like how soon it will change dramatically in Egleston Sq and get yuppied and that will be a sad day


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