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Hi Everyone,
I'm on the board of NFN and am very excited about the direction of the organization.

In response to Rodney's discussion, I totally agree that education plays a key role in combating violence.  Some of the actions that Joseph has found to be particularly effective are
- Flyer neighborhood cars
- Passing out flyers and talking to people at the T stops
- Door to Door information sharing (canvassing)

In preparation for neighborhood coordinated effort, I'm in the process of creating tool kits for each of these activities to help provide some guidance.  If you have any documentation for how to do any of these activities that you can share, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and be safe,

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Hi. I would like to get some clarification in terms of what you mean by toolkits and what you mean by effective tools. Thanks!
Hello -
What I meant by toolkits was having step by step instructions, checklists, or other resources so that anyone who had access to these documents would know how to plan or do the activity.

In terms of what is an effective tool, in the past when there have been upsurges of crime, Joseph has coordinated those activities (flyering cars, educating people at the t-stops and door to door info sharing) and has seen a reduction in crime. Of course, there are lots of great methods and ideas and everyone is encouraged to share and/or plan additional activities.

thanks Erin for your response. I have some questions about how effectiveness is measured, how do we know that these activities are reducing crime? This is of course part of a much larger discussion. I appreciate you sharing the ways in which you see the use of these tools in crime prevention and intervention.



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