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Greetings to other SWC Park folks-
This message was sent to me from Rep Sanchez's office.  The JP section of the park in in the quarantine area.   Janet Hunkel--PMAC President

 Signs of infestation:
 Unseasonable coloration & drooping of leaves 
 Egg deposit sites or sap leaking from tree wounds 
 Mulch-like excrement at base of trees (frass) or near dime-sized exit holes 
 ALB host trees: 
 Maple, Horse Chestnut, Mimosa, Birch, Hackberry, Ash, Londo Planetree, Sycamore, Poplar, Willow, Mountain Ash, Elm, & Katsura
 How to report signs/symptoms of ALB infestation:
 Take pictures & report potential sightings IMMEDIATELY to the states toll-free ALB hotline 866-702-9938, visit ( ), or call 617-635-4500
 Yard waste collection in city regulated area:
 Place leaves and yard debris in large paper leaf bags or open barrels labeled yard waste, NO plastic bags (Yard Waste stickers for barrels are available by calling 617-635-4500) 
 Tie branches with string: 3 maximum length in manageable bundles. Do NOT put branches in barrels 
 Put barrels, bags and branches on the curb 7:00 a.m. on your Trash Collection Day 
 REMEMBER, ALBs do NOT pose a human health risk! 
 Keep an eye out and dont forget to report any sightings!
Please inform your neighbors about this meeting as it will be a great opportunity to learn more about the beetle and signs of infestation!
 If you have any questions or concerns, please dont hesitate to contact me at 617-722-2130, or by email

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