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PMAC meeting - Tomorrow September 9th at BPHQ
From:"Corcoran-Hunt, Elizabeth (HOU)"
PMAC_notice_0909.pdf (11KB), Jack_Letter.doc (5KB)

The next meeting for the Parkland Management Advisory Committee will be held tomorrow
Wednesday, September 9th, 7 PM
Boston Police Headquarters
1 Schroeder Plaza, Corner of Ruggles and Tremont Streets, Roxbury Crossing

The agenda for the meeting is attached. Also - please see the attached letter from Jack.

Elizabeth Corcoran-Hunt
Representative Byron Rushing
State House Room 122
Boston, MA 02133
p 617 722 2006

***** Agenda Text from PMAC_notice_0909.pdf *****

Boston, MA
BPHQ, Tremont St, Roxbury, Wed. Sep 9th, 2009
(All PMAC Meetings Are Open to the Public.)

The meeting of the Public Safety Committee will be held from 7:00PM to 7:45PM.

Sign In & Introductions
Past Business.
Patrol Schedule - State Police
Police Patrol Funding
Precinct Reports - State, MBTA, E-13, D-4, B-2

The meeting of the Steering Committee follows immediately from 7:45PM to 8:30PM.

Sign In & Introductions
Park Manager's report - Holly Richardson
Basketball Court Lighting - Jan
Summer Work Crews
- Wrap up
Public Concerns & Comments

Next meeting: 7:00PM, Wednesday, Oct 7th, 2009 at 70 St. Botolph St., South End

Please contact Jan Hunkel with questions or comments:

***** Text of Jack Sinnott letter from Jack_Letter.doc *****

August, 2009

Jack Sinnott
7 Revere St
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Dear Fellow PMAC Members:

After many years and much consideration I have decided to step down as President of PMAC, effective immediately.

Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts and an unexpectedly heavy workload chairing another community committee for the next 12 months means I can't give PMAC the attention it deserves.

Jan Hunkel has kindly agreed to step into the position of President. Her service to PMAC since its inception, her focus on outreach to underserved communities touched by the Corridor and her decades of dedication to the cause of empowering citizens to positively shape the character of their neighborhood and this city uniquely qualifies her for this position. She has my full support and I hope she can count on yours as well.

How can you support Jan? We have a lot of work to accomplish in the coming year: the 2010 Anniversary, the Path improvement project, lighting and infrastructure initiatives in Roxbury, green space improvements in JP, ongoing public safety concerns, water and sewage issues, dog park support, public outreach - not to mention the severe state-wide funding cut backs and loss of directed patrol and SWC earmark money. Please let her know what issues mean the most to you and let her know how you can help. It doesn't take much if we all pitch in.

I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the years. I also want to assure everyone that I won't be going far. I will be attending PMAC meetings when I can and will be happy to help or provide advice as needed. I also intend to work closely with Jan during this transition to support her in any way necessary.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you on the Corridor!

- Jack Sinnott

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