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I just wanted to let you all know that I have been in contact with Rep Sanchez and Colleen Keller (Mayor's JP Neighborhood liaison) about a water issue across from 139 Lamartine Street.

Rep Sanchez's contact said he would contact DCR about this, but the basic problem is that there is a burst pipe or something under the raised grassy portion between the bike path and the sidewalk. There is standing water and it's been like that since last summer. I called someone last year about it and clearly nothing was done about it. I tried calling the JP office of the DCR and had to leave a voicemail.

If anyone here has contacts within the DCR, please get in touch with them. This is a Bad Thing to have the standing water.


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Hi it is very unglamorious, unfun and expensive to fix plumbing! -- but it is one of the park infrestructure's greatest needs. I don't have the southwest corrodor's park mantence office telephone number but if you have gotten into contact with Holly Richardson you are talking to the right place. There are several known locations where either water dosen't come out where it should, and others where there are leaks which have not been shut off. Now that there is a govonor who doesn't want to shut down state government on general principles there is some hope as long as there is budget money. - Ralph
As a followup to this issue, I just got a phone call from one of the engineers in the DCR. He said he was there and saw some puddles but I think he attributed them to the recent rains. I told him they were there all the time.

So, apparently in order for anything to move forward on this, I need to meet him personally (out of my work day) this coming Friday at 9:00 am to show him the puddles. On a rainy day of course, so I'm sure he will find that a good excuse to believe the puddles are there only because of the rain. (can you tell I don't have much faith in this process?)

Any of you are more than welcome to join me this Friday morning 19 June at 9:00 am in front of 137/139 Lamartine Street to see if we can get this fixed. If there are other areas in the South West Corridor Park that DCR Engineering needs to address, you'll have a live human in front of you to let them know about them!


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