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During the month of August we had 47 reported residential breaking and enterings in all of Jamacia Plain and Egleston Square. A large concentration was around the Hyde Sqaure area. I read through each report. In almost every case, the person(s) entered through an unsecured window usually be cutting a screen. In one case the back door was left open. There was an arrest made on Perkins St. The person jumped out of the second floor window upon the arrival of the police and broke his leg.

We can strengthen our patrols in that area but crime prevention would be more effective. You must lock you windows and doors when leaving your homes. Good neighbors know who belongs and who doesn't and help prevent B&E's. Please call in any suspicous activity. A typical B&E suspect in a multi-family home will knock on doors pretending he/she is looking for someone to determine if anyone is home. Most B&E's occur during the daytime when people are away at work, school, etc.. Call 911 immediately with the best description you can give for any suspicous activity. Please go to our website for more tips at

Our monthly meeting with the community is tonight at Area E-13 at 7pm. All are welcome.

Sgt. Krause

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Thanks for the feedback, Sgt. Krause. We seem to have the same problem every year, of people leaving doors and windows open or unlocked, and then someone gets into the residence and steals things. It must be new people moving in who aren't used to city living, since I can't imagine that message would be forgotten by anyone who heard it before!

Because so much of JP is pleasant and peaceful, I think sometimes it's hard to remember that it is still the city, and that there are people walking around looking for an opportunity to take stuff. Fortunately, simple things like locking up our houses, not leaving anything visible in our cars, and knowing our neighbors, can make a big difference.


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