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Greetings team! I met David Wolfe last weekend and his energy bowled me over! David "Avocado" Wolfe is the raw foods guru taking the world by storm with amazing knowledge of super-nutrient food and how to add these superfoods into our life, slowly integrating these nutrients into our lifestyle, leading to super shiny people. Hee hee.

I was about 85% raw in the summer of '07 (doesn't it sound like a song?) and WAS SO FREAKING ALIVE. This is my goal, to bring these superfoods back into my life, and with it, the energy, vitality and health that is my birthright.

I'm seeking someone to be a Going Raw Buddy - let's have FUN as we slowly and gently add in neat new raw super foods, supporting each other and drawing on our support network and resources.

We can start with such a simple step as having one meal a day be a powerfood smoothie.

Then we will share our experience with others. Right on!

Peace and joy!

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Hey there,

I have also experienced the power of being mostly raw, and am aiming to return to this way of eating and being! In the past couple of weeks, I have started to re-introduce smoothies, salads, and some raw desserts and can really feel the difference in my being - more energy, feeling lighter, better digestion... It would help me to have some community and structure around this, too - I'll be your buddy, Juliet!

Terrific *rachel! I'm so excited about this :). Guess what? My roommate has a juicer in a box in one of our cupboards and I'm taking it out either tomorrow or Monday night. And I've been eating really well lately - also knowing that I've been craving oatmeal in the mornings with banana and raisins. Anyone else down? I'd like to do a raw food night at my house pretty soon - maybe the first full week of April - I'll post it on here (for a Tuesday night). We can have silly crazy delicious salads with greens galore and something with raw cacao and fruit for treatses. More very, very soon! Are you going to the Parade tomorrow for Bella Luna at 1pm? Peace and joy, Juliet
Ooh, you have a juicer... that is a good thing to have! I miss having one of those around... let me know what you concoct with it, maybe that will inspire me to get my own.

A raw food night would be great, and I'd also be game for hosting in the future!

Today was a nearly completely raw day for me - smoothie in the morning and then Bonobo's (NYC) for my evening meal :) I think this past week, I was about 75% raw! The cleansing process has definitely begun...

And I'm going to play it by ear re: the parade, I just had a very long day consisting of driving to and from NYC with a lot of adventures in between!

Peace and blessings,
Just checking in... how's it going, Juliet?

I have been rocking the superfood smoothies lately... My body seems to really appreciate the liquid nutrition right now.

I was 100% raw this past weekend (I was in NYC at a training (not IIN!;) so had all my meals at Bonobo's)!

My usual superfood staples have been Green Vibrance powder, cacao nibs or powder, maca, and acai... My current lineup also includes liquid resveratrol, goji/acai powder, and MSM powder. In my online wanderings I ordered colloidal gold and phytoplankton... I will keep you posted on my adventures with those!

Let me know how you are doing when you get a chance...

BTW, Juliet, I think we have a room, a house, and some sisters in common....

Love Peace & Light,


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