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I'm trying to find scrabble players in JP.
Anyone out there that loves to play scrabble, let me know.

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I don't want to give you any misconceptions - I don't own a Scrabble board so I am not a frequent player, but I definitely found it fun playing with my students! I would be down to meet sometime and play some Scrabble. What're you thinking?
Oh meeting up at Ula cafe is good for me.
I have a scrabble game.
What times are good for you?
I like late afternoons, especially weekend around 3ish.
It usually takes about 2 hours to play a full game.
I'm new to JP and would love to meet up with some other Scrabble players. Anyone interested?
sure, we sometimes meet up at the Loring-Greenough house for scrabble night.
Watch their website for info.
Tonight I will be there if you are around, stop by and say hi.
My name is Lori and I will be showing my photography tonight at the LGH.

It's a great thing to go to if you are new to JP.

Just moved to JP at the start of the summer but eager to find Scrabble (and other board-y type game) playing neighbors! Am happy to open our house up to a regular (or even a one-time game, to start) game night! (just not thursdays- that when they play bridge!!). :-)
I like to play scrabble too. and have a friend who enjoys it too. Think it would be great to have a game night at someone's house. or to meet up somewhere
I love Scrabble!!
Hi, Lori!
I love Scrabble. Have board, will travel. Cafe Ula would be lovely. Evenings get busy because of meetings, I am retired and actually often freer during the day.

Hope Haff
it's been far too long since I've played! have you guys had any meetings yet?


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