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I'm looking for more standard format in a writer's group. By that I mean meetings for accountability and critiques. Anyone interested?



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Hey, I'm a JP writer. I'd be interested in meeting up and seeing if we jibe as writing group cohorts... my house is good for hosting up to about 6-8 people.... I live on Child St., over by English High... pleased to meet you!

Oh, the Robinwood would be perfect.  But Lisa, your house sounds like it would work great, too.  Does 7:00 on 9/8 work for you?

Darn, no, I'll be in NYC that week. The next week would work for me, or maybe I can hook up with you guys on your 2nd resurrection meeting...? whatever works for you both is fine for me, meeting place-wise...

Do you think you'll be able to make this Sunday at 7pm?

Daria, do you want to stick with 9/8 and meet at the Robinwood?  Or do we want to wait until 9/15, when Lisa is able to meet also?  Or both?  I could potentially do both but, after that, I will only be able to do every other Thursday.


I'm moving in three days and work is crazy so my brain is mostly mush and I need help with decision making!  :)

I'm for starting on 9/15, that would give us some time to do a little more outreach and the lurkers more time to think about it and decide to come. What do you think about posting on craiglist or that take $$?


Something like: Jamaica Plain writers group forming, first meeting 9/15. Go to Neighbors for Neighbors for more information."


And to prime the pump; I want to challenge myself to have a final draft of my article: A Life Less Plastic, Bisphenol A and Diabetes done by 9/15. 



9/15 sounds good to me... I think Meetup costs $$, but Craigslist doesn't. We could also use Facebook and Google+ for free to try to get our writer friends to come.


Daria, I'm psyched to hear you're writing about diabetes. I've been Type 1 since 1965. :-)


I'll try to cook up something by then as well.



September 15th it is, then!

Wow! All good. I'll do the post on CL. No time to natter now.

Hi. I'm also interested in this group and the format you've discussed. Looking to workshop pieces and have accountability through regular critiques and constructive input on content. I'm working on a novel...


We have four! 



Where are we meeting? We can use my house if that works for everybody. Child Street near Call Street, very close to English High.




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