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I'm looking for more standard format in a writer's group. By that I mean meetings for accountability and critiques. Anyone interested?



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Yes!  I was actually going to be posting about this soon (I'm moving in ten days so I was kind of waiting until the chaos of that is over with).  I am extremely interested in getting a regularly scheduled group back together again.  What sort of time frame did you have in mind?  Right now, Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons are the very best times for me but I can be moderately flexible.
I'd start as soon as you etc. are able. Unfortunately, the times you suggested don't work for me. I can do Tuesday afternoon or evening, or any time on Thursday. Thanks so much for organizing!
I think I could make alternate Thursdays work, in the evening.  I definitely won't be in a position to do anything of an organizational manner until after the first week of September and I'll have to feel out how hosting would be in my new place.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to host on a regular basis so it would be helpful if there are people willing to share in that or offer alternate location suggestions.  So... Is anyone else out there interested in being part of this and offering input?  Please?
I could host! I quiet cafe would also be nice. Is Velouria in Hyde Sq. still open? Or maybe the new Lucy Parsons Center. What do folks think? Thursday, 9/8 or Thursday 9/15,  7pm? Fourteen lurkers all quiet as digital mice.

Thursday 9/8 at 7:00 works for me!

Great! Should be have something prepared for the first meeting? Maybe an over-written statement of what our individual goals are? You know the kind of thing that's easy to edit. Just an idea. I'm not much into group writing, but for a first meeting it might be fun cross stuff out of each others work...or maybe too painful for a first meeting? We could just bring something we're hot about now.


Hopefully now that we have a date and time, others will chime in! I wrote to Lucy Parsons and asked them about meeting there and there's plenty of time between now and 9/8 to find a cool place, mine is always available.



Yeah, I think maybe if we each bring an idea of what our goals are and maybe something we've written that we'd like to share, that would be good.  And we can work out as a group what we'd like our format to be and stuff.


Yay!  I'm excited!


Any more thoughts on location?  I'm going to make a new post about the 8th so that it will be more visible to people.  We can still wait and decide a little later but I thought I'd check-in.  I apparently don't frequent many quiet cafes which would be appropriate because I'm not coming up with many ideas.

Ula? No word from Lucy Parsons. I'm fine about having it at my house, just not sure if that's really the best option. What  do you think? I live near Franklin Park, not far from the Canto 6. There's always JP Licks, City Feed....

I feel like Ula is always loud and crowded.  Same for City Feed.  Canto 6 is just tiny.  (I'm not usually this negative, really and I love all these places)  If we get lucky with our table selection at JP Licks, that could work great.  And, actually, if it there's only going to be two or three of us to begin with, the noise and crowd of any place really won't matter much at all, anyway.  So... I'd say Ula or JP Licks would be best, because there are more seating options.  Then if attendance picks up later, we can reassess our needs.  Ula would be slightly closer for me, but that's not a huge factor.

How about the Robinwood or the James Gate? I think I'd tend more towards the Robinwood...don't know why, less noisy...on Centre btwn Licks and Hyde Sq., more like a diner.




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