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Hey Alex,

Great job last week on the research. Looks awesome. THANK YOU!

This week I need help with two things:

1) Catch up on welcoming members. I think there are about 50 who joined in the last couple days and I have not been able to keep up. Please copy and past this temple on each new members wall. 



Welcome So and So,

Thanks getting your neighbor on here on Boston's soundboard for voices and springboard for action!

There are neighborhood forums to discuss neighborhood happenings, citywide forums to find and share resources, events to promote and see what's happening around the city, and there are groups of neighbors who do things together.

In addition there are photos and videos and we have live USTREAM streaming video channel on the main page. One more thing, you can also get crime reports - neato!

Please be sure to review our Community Guideline and Policies to understand what we do and the spirit in which we do it. 

We are a volunteer run and funded 501c3 nonprofit. If you are interested in volunteering, please see the NFN Team Group. To make a donation in any amount, click the blue donate now button on the top left of the main page to make a secure donation or consider becoming the Mayor of Your Block!

Please help us grow by inviting your neighbors.



2) Can please also add twitter handle for Neighborhood Coordinators and CityCouncilors. 


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1) I can definitely do.  Who did you last welcome?  It'll give me a place to start.


2) Already on it!


Thanks :)

The last person I welcomed was Anya Priester on page 3 -


Thank you!

So go up and to the left? I just don't want to make any repeats and annoy people


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